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Are you up for a 52 week saving challenge in 2017? The New Year is such a natural time to turn a page on our life and begin a new chapter. For most of us, it will relate to our health, and for some our wealth.

Just as with saving, the new year can help us to lay the foundations of the promise of a better tomorrow. But sadly, most people will have given up on our new start by Valentine’s Day.

So, to help make it stick in 2017, let me introduce you to the 52 week saving challenge. A weekly savings goal you can turn into measurable steps and stick to.

52 Week Saving Challenge

The purpose of the 52-week saving challenge started in 2013 through a Facebook group called “Kassondra’s 52-Week Money Challenge.”  It is ever so simple to follow and ends with a cash balance of £1,378.

You start off Week One by saving £1. Week Two you save £2; Week Three you save £3. Can you see where it’s going?

You maintain this for a year and at the end, as I say, your savings can add up to £1,378 The challenge can be easily adapted for your children by using pennies instead of pounds. The nature of the challenge is to stick to the schedule. It’s powerful as you adjust the amount you save incrementally over a year.

If this article resonated with you, you can access some more tips of getting your savings under control in 2017 by clicking here  If you’re unsure about how to create a financial plan, contact us today.

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