family money problemsBright Grey insurance company already offers an additional service to its Personal Protection clients. This service is called Helping Hand. This service has now been updated and it’s better than ever for all clients of Bright Grey who hold Personal Protection insurance, which covers critical illness and loss of income through sickness or bereavement.

If you have ever suffered an injury, illness or bereavement, Helping Hand is there to provide practical and emotional support and advice. You may have questions such as, “who can I talk to?”, “How do I reassure the children?”, “How can I speed up my recovery?” and “How will I pay the bills?”

The staff at Helping Hand are all third party providers who are specialists in their particular fields. Their nurse advisers are qualified and experienced to understand people’s individual circumstances and needs and they know how to help and when to help. Helping Hand complements the NHS to speed up treatments and therefore recovery.

What are the benefits of Helping Hand?

The benefits of Helping Hand are many and they include:

  • This service is available with every relevant plan from Bright Grey at no extra cost
  • It is also available to the immediate family of the plan holder, not just that person, it covers your children too.
  • It is available from when your plan starts
  • It is available whether you make a claim or not
  • When you claim, you are assigned your own nurse adviser from RedArc, who are an independent advisory service.
  • You will receive practical help which includes arranging specialist therapies if necessary. Complementary therapies are included.

So, what is the latest development?

Helping Hand now offer a second medical opinion as a face to face meeting.

Maybe you are unsure of a diagnoses or a recommended course of treatment or you are just not happy with what is being told to you, Helping Hand will now arrange for your personal nurse adviser to take time to discuss your diagnoses and help you determine the benefits of a second opinion.

Once it has been decided that it is necessary, then they will arrange for a second face to face consultation with either an NHS or Private specialist in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

The nurse adviser will also help you understand that opinion and / or course of treatment and give emotional support as well as the practical advice for as long as you need it.

You do not need to make a claim to benefit from this service and your spouse and children are covered as well even if they are not on your plan.

Helping Hand is not just limited to illness, injury or bereavement; they can help in many ways including, career, finance, legal and business support.

If you are interested in what Bright Grey and Helping Hand has to offer, please contact us in the first instance and we will run through the benefits with you.

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