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Only 16% of financial advisers are women, and the industry continues to have an issue with retaining female talent. I want to be part of the change and enable more women into the role or stay in the industry. With so many advisers retiring and selling their client bases to large networks, there is a great opportunity for women to step forward. Being an adviser myself, running my own business for 12 years, and being in the industry 23 years, I’ve seen it all. As a mum of 2, taking qualifications and dealing with changes in regulation, I know what it takes to make it all work in balance. Its an amazing job! With a great opportunity to live an abundant life whilst doing an impactful job.

“Rebecca and her team have taken us on an easy and incredibly beneficial journey into financial planning and awareness. She has supported us every step of the way and the team have kept us on track.
I now feel far more knowledgeable about our finances and I know I can always ask Rebecca for assistance as she explains options and background so well. She also has a great sense of humour which makes financial planning dare I say it fun!” Claire Orr, 2023 via Trustpilot


Join our team at Evolution Financial Planning where you can make a genuine impact in clients’ lives with accurate and comprehensive financial planning services tailored to their unique requirements. We value diversity and pride ourselves on having talented women on our team. Work with accomplished professionals passionate about helping people attain their financial goals in an exciting and fulfilling career opportunity. Join us today.



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You’ve worked in the financial services industry as a paraplanner, administrator, provider business development (similar) or a financial adviser (tired or independent), you love the industry and what it can do for clients and families but you aren’t happy where you are, you know there must be a better place to work. You are looking for a new home where you can be your true authentic self.

“I approached Rebecca for advice about my ISAs. I was keen to make sure they were working well for me, and that they were also invested into funds that aligned more closely with my values. Rebecca took time to understand my requirements, and researched suitable options for me, explaining her suggestions clearly and without jargon. Throughout the process I was impressed by her knowledge and experience. I found her easy to talk to and felt that she understood my requirements well. I am very happy with the service she provided and would recommend her to others.” Patricia Exley, Hampshire 2019

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  • A role with a company, a mastermind style approach, working with a women group of advisers who all support and help each other in developing your yourself and your revenue, whilst provide amazing customer service. Collaborating as a team. Not wanting to work alone and feel like you’re making decisions all by yourself.
  • An approach where you don’t  have to offer products that you don’t believe in. If you’re wanting to offer truly bespoke independent advice without the pressure of having sell something which isn’t in the clients best interest just to obtain targets. Where client outcomes are a gauge of your success and your performance is based on beating your personal best.
  • A truly flexible approach to working hours. Where you are not expected to work 60 –  70 hours, with a 9 to 5 mentality plus weekends. Driving around, wasting time travelling. Whereas getting the job done well, effectively, is more important than the time spent. TRUE flexible working.
  • An alternative to working with clients who don’t value you. Inheriting clients who aren’t brought into your way of working. You want to have a portfolio of clients that are grateful for your input and value your relationship.
  • A role without having to wear black suits that don’t represent who you are as a person. Instead, wearing clothes you’re comfortable in and show up as yourself.
  • Meaningful activities that allow you to go to work with a smile, knowing you can laugh and crack a joke. Not having to hide behind a ‘professional’ curtain. We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously.
  • A culture where if  someone would see £10 note on the floor, they would pick it up and look for who dropped it? if so, you are our person…. Honesty is our fundamental core value