This policy is written to be read by clients or potential clients of 2plan wealth management Ltd. Reference to clients in this document is stated as “you.” This policy is applicable when we are receiving and carrying out your instructions and it is our policy to obtain the best possible results for you when carrying out transactions on your behalf. This can also be referred to as executing your orders. The objective of this document is to inform you about our Best Execution policy. By receiving this document you have confirmed your consent to it. It is our policy to transact your orders to achieve the best possible results in terms of the price, nature of the products selected, transaction charges, fees, administration, service and shortest time frame.

Factors we consider

In doing so we consider the various factors outlined below in order of importance

  • Price to you
  • Reasonable costs and charges to you
  • Speed of service
  • Execution of your business
  • Effective administration of where we place your business
  • Size and nature of the transaction
  • The nature and procedures of the provider chosen
  • Any other factors relevant to the execution of your transaction

We will only override the price and cost factors mentioned above if it may assist in delivering
enhanced and better results for your specific current needs and circumstances.

In addition we will also take into consideration

  • Your client categorisation and how this affects you
  • The nature and characteristics of the transaction
  • Where your transaction can be directed and
  • Any specific instructions you give us, whether received on an individual basis or as a
    general instruction to be applied to all your transactions

Where we place your business

Under our policy we will provide you with written details, of where we place your business. This is known as an execution venue and can be, for example, a regulated market such as an investment fund or funds, a platform or wrap, or a product provider.

© 2019 2plan wealth management Ltd Where your orders are transferred to another business for completion, we shall select such
businesses according to our execution policy with a view to achieving the best possible result for you.
In applying our execution policy we may transact business with appropriate companies from the market that we have access to within the United Kingdom. We monitor these companies on an ongoing basis to ensure they are suitable for our clients.