Christmas Money Saving – 13 top tips on how we can save money around Christmas.

  1. Plan ahead – over Christmas you have people over and spend a lot more money on expensive things, meal plan over the Christmas period you can then spread the cost running up to Christmas. If you get paid in November buy things and store them away for Christmas. – You can use this tool for October next year.
  2. Set budget and stick to it – be realistic with what you can afford, live within your means, look at the normal cost of brands and compare them to the Christmas brands you may be able to get it cheaper. Look out for the deals that are worth it.
  3. Freezer Detoxing – eat as much as you can out the freezer – then use the money you would normally spend on food for Christmas food- use the space for left over foods.

Watch the video below for 10 more amazing top tips on how to save money around the Christmas Period.

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