women entrepreneurs


More women are becoming entrepreneurs. We’re choosing to create a legacy from our hard work, not just settle for earning a living.

The number of women entrepreneurs is growing. They can be any age. You may be right out of university, you may have an MBA, professional qualifications or simply be brilliant at what you do.

Our clients are women in their forties and fifties that wanted to explore a different career and found their passion.

To be a female entrepreneur means becoming a heroine. Someone who is discovering your ability of endurance and developing the crucial belief system on your way to success.

So here’s my advice if you are starting out as an entrepreneur, get your proposition right from initial sales and testing. Then know what you can charge and make sure you possess sufficient confidence to not be overshadowed or underappreciated by anyone.

Running your own business is a journey of self-discovery. You may have heard that from other people, or read it. Well take it from someone that knows, it isn’t a cliché, it’s true. And that means you need someone, like us, to advise you on your own money that understands this.

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