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Whether you’re just about to put your house on the market, or you’re having trouble getting the price you want, here are some estate agent tricks that can add value to your home.

Tip 1 – get a friend to cast a critical eye

When you’ve lived in a property for a long time, it’s easy to stop seeing the little details that can stop it from looking its best. Ask a friend to come round and view the house with a critical eye – from clearing piles of papers to weeding the flowerbeds, they’ll spot the small changes that can make a big difference when it comes to potential buyer viewings.

De-cluttering alone can have a massive impact on house price offers; leading estate agents say it can increase home values by up to 11%.

Tip 2 – have a freshen up

Sometimes spending a little money can make a big difference to the size of the offer you receive. Consider investing in some basic redecorating and DIY work, particularly if you have a bold or controversial colour scheme. Light, neutral rooms tend to be received better by potential buyers, because it gives them the space to imagine what they would do with the room.


Tip 3 – make it homely

Your job is to help viewers imagine that they could live at your property, and there are some tricks of the trade to make this happen. Baking some bread or cakes prior to their arrival can fill the house with homely smells. Putting fresh flowers in certain rooms can brighten up their appearance. Even setting the dining table with your best china can conjure up images of sitting down to a family roast, or having friends round for a supper party.

The average person will spend less than half an hour viewing a property before putting in an offer, so these little touches can make a real difference.

Tip 4 – get the lighting right

Nobody likes a dark and dingy house, so investing in some new lamps or increasing lightbulb power can make a huge difference to the feedback you receive from viewers.

If you have a fireplace or log burner, you may want to light a fire on a wintery day to make the place even more inviting. Lighting a few scented candles can also create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Tip 5 – get out of the way

On average, properties are viewed 15 times before they are sold, so it’s important to make each viewing count.

If the estate agent is coming to show someone around your home, go out and run some errands while the viewing is taking place. Having too many people in a property can make it seem overcrowded, while some viewers feel unable to relax if the current owner is hovering around their feet.

If you’ve briefed your estate agent well, they will be more than capable of selling the house on your behalf. Even if the viewer asks a question that they cannot answer, it’s better for them to check with you later on than you wait in the wings to give them a response.

Tip 6 – let the viewer go first

If the estate agent has asked you to conduct the viewing, there are a few top tips you can employ to help your house sell itself.

For starters, always let the prospective buyer enter a room first. This way, they are leading the tour, and also they are entering the room when it’s at it’s most spacious. If you’re already there, blocking the space, it can detract from seeing the room’s full potential.

Take time to find out why they are looking at the property, and use your knowledge to support the case for why your home is suitable. For example, if they have a young family and are looking to scale up, tell them about how great the local schools are, or that the playground is just a short walk away.

If they are a buy to let investor, share stories of other properties in the road that are rented out, and how easily they secured a tenant.

Always make sure to sell their story, though. Talk too much about what a wonderful property it is for you and they might think you’re not keen to sell. You want to convey that you loved the house, but now it’s definitely time to move on and let someone else get enjoyment from it.

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