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Evolution Financial Planning launch sister company – Financial Planning for Women

Owner and founder Rebecca Robertson has created a place where women and their partners can be shown all the ins and outs of financial planning and money matters from educated and qualified professional women. Rebecca said “There is too much information out there on the internet for people to really know how the information relates to them! Also there are far too many ‘experts’ who aren’t qualified nor regulated, giving advice to consumers about financial matters which might be correct for them or their neighbour but as any good financial adviser knows, advice is personal and bespoke”.

Empowering women to make the most of the money they already have… however much that might be


With so much information available it can get to the point where it is hard to make the right decision or any decision at all. Knowing where to start and how to move forward can be confusing.

This is for any woman at whatever stage you are at or wherever you want to go with your finances. During the evening our expert panel will present real life stories of women who have changed their financial position armed with the right information to make an informed decision.

We want our attendees to feel confident and comfortable about decisions they make about money, to feel free to make life decisions without any restrictions.
This event is not sales hype but real life education by women just like you, designed for you to go away from the event armed with the right information to make the right decisions…

Find out how to create the financial future you dream of and work out what you can do to move your finances forward.
• Maximise the money you already have
• Protect your assets and your family’s wealth
• Create retirement income
• Retire early
• Work less
• Invest in property
• Become a landlord or be your own boss
• Improve your business revenue
• Improve your business revenue
Talking about money matters can be scary or boring but we promise to deliver them in a friendly and fun way…

Meet with our Expert Panel as they answer your questions around the following areas:

• Tax
• Business Planning
• Money Habits
• Property
• Pensions
• Money Planning
• Later Life Decisions
• Income
• Estate Planning
• Mortgages

Ticket prices are valued at £13.95 until 16th January, then going to £52.59 thereafter. For group tickets discounts are available for 5 tickets at 15%, this is show via the booking system (link above).

There will be refreshments available and facilitated networking after the main event, please do bring your business cards.


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