Financial Well-being



This is for those who want to create financial freedom and build a strong financial foundation for them, their partners and their family.

Get ready to find out exactly where your financial gaps are and the steps you can take to make improvements.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed juggling your career and family?

Do you want to improve your financial status but just don’t know where to start?

Eager to take action to become financially independent but just don’t know what those first steps look like?

If you answers yes to any of those questions then take our financial well being assessment now to get a greater insight into how you can start improving your finances.

Look Ahead!

Can you imagine how it would feel if you had more clarity and confidence around your finances knowing the exact steps you can start taking to improve your financial well-being?

How would your business and your life as a whole be different if you could identify what to prioritize in your finances so you can be in a better financial position?

Paint a picture of where you and your business(family) could be once you feel empowered and educated around money.

Knowing the exact steps to take from where you are right now today, to where you want to be , your very own financial transformation.

Exciting isn’t it?

This is why I created this financial well-being assessment to help you identify quicker where the gaps are in your finances so you can feel more confident and empowered to make positive changes today.

Financial Well-being Assessment

Get clarity on your finances which enables you to take the very first step to your financial transformation journey.

Take the assessment now in just 3 easy steps.

1. Take the assessment

Spend less than 5 minutes answering 9 questions about your current financial situation.

2. Responses will be processed

Your responses will be processed which measures your current financial well-being.

3. Get your results

You will receive your results sent straight to your inbox with steps on what you can do next.

This tool will help give you clarity and confidence  with your finances by having the right core foundations of financial planning in place and if something was to happen it just won’t all fall apart.

Hey, I’m Rebecca

Clients come to me and say that they are worried about the future, what their retirement would look like, where they are going with their finances, wanting a better lifestyle with holidays or paying for their kid’s university. They want to become confident and at peace with their money!

As a female wealth creation coach, I can help you get the clarity and control over your finances so that you can look back and be confident that you’ve made great decisions about your financial planning and future wealth creation goals.

Remove the fear about your future.

Much Love,



“I approached Rebecca for advice about my ISAs. I was keen to make sure they were working well for me, and that they were also invested into funds that aligned more closely with my values. Rebecca took time to understand my requirements, and researched suitable options for me, explaining her suggestions clearly and without jargon. Throughout the process I was impressed by her knowledge and experience. I found her easy to talk to and felt that she understood my requirements well. I am very happy with the service she provided and would recommend her to others.”



“After seeing Rebecca’s work with a close friend, I was very impressed and subsequently sought her advice myself. I have an intermediate knowledge of finance and was pleased that Rebecca took that into account. She didn’t make things too simple, nor too complex. Not only could I tell she really knew her stuff, she was friendly and really approachable with any questions. Would not hesitate to use her again if I needed to.”