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A friend of mine was happily chatting the other day about her child being accepted into the primary school that they wanted. She was over the moon, but then she started to worry about the cost. You see she was sending her to a private school which her and her husband had decided on as there were no good state primary schools in the area they were living. Even though they had done their homework and knew they could afford it, it was tight and she was worried about all the extra costs that they didn’t yet know about.

She has since found that this is more common than she realised, with more families taking the private route instead of state schools in certain areas, but with the rising prices in the last few years they find themselves stretched so far that parents have had to find better paid jobs, which means longer hours, which leads to after-school childcare, so the cycle continues.

I spoke to her about her job and whether she was thinking about working for herself. It would give her more flexibility to be at home for her child, so cutting down the after school costs, and also the opportunity to work from home and the possibility of uncapped earnings.

I sent her an article I had written about flexible working to give her more detail to think about, “Considerations and options of money and work entitlements for expectant and new mums going back to employment or starting their own business.”

This is just one Mum, but there are many more out there that are in the same situation. My friend wasn’t even thinking about how her job could change and what the implications were. It’s something we at Evolution Financial Planning see all the time and that’s why we are looking for women who want to help other women not just with their finances especially their children’s futures, but also with their career.

If you are thinking of working for yourself and are interested in a new direction, then give us a call as we are currently recruiting. https://evolutionfinancialplanning.co.uk/financial-adviser-jobs

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