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Financial Advice for Businesses

Financial Advice for Businesses

As a business owner myself I recognise how important it has been for me to be able to manage my cash flow each month, the leap from starting a business, to having enough cash flow to not worry about what income is coming in can take years! Getting Financial advice is something you would do when you want to get a mortgage or invest in a pension, however general basic money management is forgotten. The last thing you need to be worrying about is what is going on with your bank accounts and what has gone out and who needs paying, as we are busy speaking to clients, networking and trying to get heard or seen! But all those areas are key or at worse we could get ourselves into financial default and maybe have to shut up shop sooner than we wanted….

For certain women who maybe more creative in their nature, looking at their finances is the last thing they want to do but often not being able to afford to hand it over to someone else to handle it each month. Even when we are in this position we still need to understand where we are with our business money each month to understand where we can invest or not as the case may be!

With other 13 years experience in financial services and almost 3 years running my own business I have put together a complimentary online business refresher session for small business – Money Makeover Program #mmobiz

with compliments Rebecca Robertson

financial advice for businesses

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