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Financial Advice For Mum’s

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The Financial Guide for Mums


Asking you the following questions:

Are you losing money accidentally?

What do mums think about financial planning?

Does your spending match your personal values?

Do you have all the right elements in place?

How Financially Fit are you?

As a mum, do you want to… 
  • Avoid losing money accidentally?
  • Know how to make the pounds go further without denying yourself?
  • Discover how to create a flexible budget that helps you make the most of everyday finances?
  • Feel in control of your families future and confident you have all the rights steps in place?

Find out how to be financial fit with our easy to follow video, at no cost.

This essential guide to financial planning – your money make-over. A friendly yet 100% practical budget tracker considering your home, work and social life balance. Taking some time out to consider the reality of your everyday and monthly spend, what it accumulates to, how you may want to re-assess your needs and priorities. You are guided through a unique FREE budget forecasting excel spread sheet that breaks down your own, your partners and joint accounts, to help calculate expenses and realise your outgoings and what may be left to save, splash-out on or invest. It also helps you consider when you have a new priority (hobby or keeping fit) that you can do without certain expenses with a zero tolerance approach. Prepare and allow for your future financial planning, utilise this guide to fulfil your ambitions as an individual and as a parent.

A Mum’s essential guide to financial planning designed by a mum!

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