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Discounted food shopping: how to do it to save money on your grocery bill.

It seems that this activity is becoming more common, and is seen in everywhere from ASDA to Waitrose to restaurants in Kensington.

Sometimes called yellow sticker discounts, we are talking about the selected supermarket shelves which sport the latest offerings which are nearly out of date or have a slight imperfection and are therefore awarded a yellow reduced sticker.

Now that the price of food is consistently going up it is always worth the satisfaction of getting a great bargain at the supermarket!

The downside to this, is that you need to find out what time they are ‘stickered’ so that you can make the most of the best items in the pile! Also, you may need the time to shop around, time isn’t always something we have. It can be worth it however, as one Mum said that she has almost halved her weekly shopping budget, by going every day for a small amount and only going to the reduced aisles. Beware however, there have been occasional fights in the reduced aisle for people waiting for something in particular!

It is also to be noted that the reduced aisle can contain luxury items as well, so you can have a gourmet meal at a fraction of the cost.

Think before you get carried away however, it’s worth checking your fridge freezer and cupboards before you attempt to save yourself some cash, as you could be wasting food at home. There is no point in buying cheaply if you have to throw half of it away.

It’s worth looking outside of your supermarket too. I have found that at all Carluccio’s restaurants you can buy a bottle of wine in their delicatessen and then drink it in the restaurant for a £5 corkage fee, which is still cheaper than ordering a bottle of wine with your meal.

There’s a website called which tests own brand supermarket products and tells you which one is best. You can then stock up on supermarkets value ranges without prejudice!

You can find out when the reduced items go out just by quietly asking staff in the store, they are not going to announce it for fear of herds of shoppers, however a nice chat leads a long way. All supermarkets have different times generally the 50% discount tends to happen late afternoon and the highest discounts between 7pm and 8pm. It’s worth going about an hour before closure as they want to get rid of goods before the next day.

Other notable times to go are when there are national sports on TV and last minute before national holidays or special occasions.

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