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Life and Critical Illness Insurance

Know you’re covered when things go wrong

We’re often SO busy building the life we want, we forget the things that could put it all at risk.

None of us like to imagine being seriously ill or unable to work. When we see others going through difficult times, it’s tempting to think it won’t happen to us. Or that our savings & family would see us through.

But the sad fact is that when these things DO happen, having the right plan in place can make the world of difference.

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Here’s exactly how the right insurance can protect you & your family.

Life and Critical Illness Insurance covers your family. It’s a lump sum or monthly amount, paid out by the insurance provider.

  • Life Insurance covers the person insured in the event of their death.
  • Critical Illness Insurance covers the person insured on diagnosis of a defined critical illness.

Both can be taken out for a specific sum, over a particular term that’s right for you.

How exactly could it help?

Our plans help protect you and your family from the financial impact of illness, injury, disability, unemployment and death.

Depending on which cover you choose, you could either get a lump sum or a regular income. These payments could help you  bills, debts and other outgoings. And they could help you meet extra costs you might not expect, like medical bills or paying for care.

Why have both life AND crucial illness insurance?

Well – mainly to cover a mortgage or debt; to cover the lifestyle that your family has become accustomed to; or provide income to young children, until they are of adult age.

As an all-female team of advisers, breast cancer is top of mind when thinking about our own cover. It’s worth noting that not all critical illness policies cover breast cancer. Breast cancer in situ is not often covered either & some insurance companies offer up to 25% of the policy value. So it’s always best to get the right advice & always check the small print!

Would your children be covered?

Some insurance policies cover your children at no extra cost. So if the very worst was to happen and your child was seriously unwell, the money could be used to provide additional income for your family.

How do you know what level of critical illness you are getting?

You might have heard of a guide called Defacto, who are an independent researcher of financial products. They produce star ratings based on a selection of factors.

Each insurance company covers a certain amount of defined definitions (ranging from 25 to 166). Some of these definitions are what is referred to as ABI – Association of Business Insurers. Meaning some are up to the ABI standard.

As whole of market insurance brokers, we look at ALL the insurance companies on the market, offering rates that aren’t available on the internet or the high street to find the very best solution for you.

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