Lifestyle Financial Planning

If you had enough money – how would you choose to live your life?

I’ll be honest. Lifestyle Financial Planning isn’t for everyone! Thinking about your how you want your life to look – and how you can afford that – is a big question, that not everyone wants to ask.

Let me call you

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But if you’re the kind of person who loves setting goals, you’re thriving in your career or have big plans for your business, then it gives you HUGE power to live the lifestyle you want.

If you have a lump sum, perhaps from an inheritance or earned through your success, then it also makes a lot of sense to take a more holistic approach to your finances.

Of course, we can help with things like your mortgage, pensions, investments or life insurance.

But Lifestyle Financial Planning goes further than those individual products on their own, thinking about your complete financial future.

With a mini Lifestyle Financial Plan, you’ll have a clear, personalised map of:

  • Where you are with your finances right now;
  • Your goal – exactly where you want to be;
  • And what you need to do with your finances between now & then, to make it happen.

You’ll see what you’re missing & exactly what you need to do, to be in the financial position to live the life you really want, in the timeframe you want.

Am I the right person to help you with this? As a hugely ambitious business owner myself, I get how it feels to want more from your life. I’m passionate about helping women make really smart financial decisions, because I know the huge difference it makes.

I’m not only qualified to help but, being ‘Independent Financial Advisor of the Year 2019’, a Times Top 100 Financial Advisor, TEDx Speaker & Author, I hope I’d be the right ‘fit’ to work together too.

So if that sounds interesting, all you need to do now is book a Discovery Call. We can see if it’ll be the right fit for you & exactly how we can help!