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Money Management for Women

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money makeover programmeMoney management for women …

now more than ever women need to know what they want from their finances and know where they are going for the following reasons:

  • Women live longer
  • Women are more likely to suffer financial set backs as a result of divorce
  • Women are far more likely to live by themselves
  • Women’s careers can be intermittent resulting in gaps in insurances, savings and pensions
  • Careers towards teaching, admin afford possibility of part time to accommodate their  family
  • Women do most of the caretaking of dependents, children and the elderly
  • Women not wanting to take must risk
  • Women are generous by nature

Money management for women…

is the first step in achieving long term financial stability. By knowing where we are with our finances and how we are spending the money we have each month we are able to be more organised on top of things.

We have several tools at hand to help at no cost to the client.  Our ‘Budgeting Tool’ would be first! This tool will help clients know where they are spending their money each month and have an understanding of where they are financially.

The second step would be to have a complimentary financial report, or you may want to check out our you tube channel of video programmes.

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