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Financial Coach – Award Winning – TEDx Public Speaker – Featured in the Independent ‘Women in Finance’ –Women’s Section Writer for ‘Mortgage Introducer magazine’ – Regular contributor to BBC Radio

How does it work

Like many people you are needing more than just a mortgage or investment product, you’ve looked for a financial adviser as you want to really get efficient and affective with your finances. Is this you? You are earning well but feel like you are wasting money with over spending in your business or personal life. You have little or no structure to your finances and you know you need to take action but don’t know where to start. You do know what you want to be in a position to invest – in yourself, in revenue creating opportunities, in property or in wealth structures like stocks and shares.

There are many kinds of money coaches out there, not many are qualified financial advisers – why? Because they, as we/I do, give regulated product advice and aren’t needing to step into working with clients on areas of financial advice which aren’t directly related to that. I do, because I love to see the transformation and change it can have on people. Every time I see it make the biggest difference.

What is mentoring – this is where someone has the experience and knowledge to show you the right way. What is coaching – coaching will get you thinking about why and how you do and feel the way you do about something and you to take inspired action to make change. We can do both!! Which makes is a really special process all done in a very bespoke way to your personal circumstances. Nothing ‘one size fits all’ process about it…

‘Kick Start’ 121 Coaching/Mentoring with Director and IFA Rebecca Robertson.

This is very bespoke to you, every client is so different. I will take you through the full process of money management, financial wellbeing and ensure that at the end of the process you have a super structured process and I hope stronger mindset towards your money.

This is a 3 (4 months) months package which starts with a 2hrs face to face in London/Kent Office or online if required, you will then get 3 online follow up 121 – 1 hr Sessions. 

£1,500 total investment (up front £450 the rest can be split monthly at £350 per month

 SPECIAL OFFER: 20% discount on 121 Coaching/Mentoring packages for anyone who books a Discovery Call 


‘Kick Start’ Group Coaching/Mentoring with Director and IFA Rebecca Robertson

Maximum of 6 individuals working together to share ideas, network and keep each other accountable with a structured learning for key outcomes and goals achieved in mind.

We will discuss preferred ways to build your assets and create a personalised wealth plan. Discuss money mindset and ways to strengthen it, thus improving your overall financial wellbeing.  We will go through money management and ensure you are maximising your financial position. Speak to the team and Rebecca to see if we are the right fit for you. We want to ensure we can support and deliver your required outcomes.

2 hours every 3 weeks for 12 weeks.
Costing £995 payment £248.75 per month over 4 months, payment in advance.

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If you have any questions regarding the kickstart coaching programs or how we might be able to help book in a free discovery call via the link.

 SPECIAL OFFER: 20% discount on 121 Coaching/Mentoring packages for anyone who books a Discovery Call.

About Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca Robertson, Author of Evolve Financial Planning – financial planning education for women, Tedx speaker, seven times award winning founder and Director of Evolution Financial Planning and regular media commentator on financial planning. Rebecca has trained over 35 new advisers to the industry, been top of her game in her corporate career achieving top adviser and manager status, with 19 years’ experience she has helped hundreds of clients with their financial needs and is proud to have a 100% satisfaction from clients.

Rebecca is known as the financial planner who is passionate about putting women firmly in control of their finances. She has helped thousands of individuals and families to achieve financial freedom and given them peace of mind that their finances are properly protected in case the worst should happen.

She provides holistic and independent advice to clients, but also gives vital financial planning advice as a regular media commentating in FT Advisor and in New Model Adviser discussing financial issues particularly in relation to women. Rebecca has also appeared in the Independent’s ‘Women in Finance’. In addition, Rebecca has won many financial and banking awards for her work with women’s finances.

Evolution Financial Planning was set up by Rebecca in 2011 as her many years in financial services continually highlighted the gap between men and women when it came to understanding and managing finances. It is Rebecca’s aim to raise awareness of financial issues affecting women and their families, and to put women in the driving seat when it comes to financial preparation.

Through her financial planning business, Rebecca is also empowering women to take the lead in financial services (which is hugely male dominated) with all-female financial advisers growing and building their own successful businesses under the Evolution for Women brand.

In addition, Rebecca is also developing a suite of tools and online programmes designed for women to self-manage their finances competently and successfully. These tools, which include an online money management review will be developed in the context of helping women to understand the importance of goal setting in a financial environment, and that regular money management needn’t be arduous or complicated, but is necessary to ensure growth and remaining in control.

Rebecca herself is constantly striving to uphold these values of personal development and increasing her thirst for knowledge as she is in the process of qualifying to become an independent financial adviser who can provide investment and pension planning advice and guidance in addition to mortgage, life and protection advice services.

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If you have any questions regarding the kickstart coaching programs or how we might be able to help book in a free discovery call via the link.  SPECIAL OFFER: 20% discount on 121 Coaching/Mentoring packages for anyone who books a Discovery Call.