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Giving you professional advice delivered in a reassuring, friendly manner with a 5 star service. As female financial advisers we provide you with a holistic, professional service where your needs are listened to with care, empathy and sincerity, and advice is given honestly and impartially with full support. Our company charter is in place to ensure we offer a five star service to you every time. We treat you like a human being, understand your personal circumstances and offer informed, bespoke recommendations which can often inspire you to make more out of your life than you thought you could. We pride ourselves on remaining whole of market so that you get best value, even at a cost to us.

Offering empathetic advice and listening to YOUR needs


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Our Services

Life & Critical Illness Insurance

If you are looking for a basic cost effect policy or something with all the bells and whistles – we can help! As whole of market advisers we do the research for you and provide you with quality advice. Life cover does what you expect however critical illness is complex, with different options available to you based on your needs and medical history.

Income Protection Insurance

Everyone has heard of mortgage payment protection however we like to go one step further and look at a client’s income instead. Without the income protection everything else could fall apart! As whole of market advisers we have access to all kinds of insurance companies who aren’t available on the high street or online. We can do the research for you and provide full advice and recommendation.

Insurance for Business

As Financial Planners we are able to give advice on several business insurance areas related to an individual’s life or income, either protecting themselves or the business or its employees. This is a complex area and often the process is rushed without taking time to look at all the options available. Insurance is a risk evaluation  – what is at risk for you?

First time buyers to large property portfolios we are able to offer the same quality service from start to finish, with access to whole of the market – full advice and recommendation. Experienced advisers who understand the complexity of lending criteria.

Estate Planning & Wills

Everyone needs a Will, right? But why and how far do you need to go into the process? Our expert Will Writers are able to provide you advice on detailed matters, much more than an online service or off the shelf product. No one client is the same and nor should your Will be either.

Estate Planning & Wills

Often an area which is only considered right at the last minute before someone is taken ill or at a certain age, the system applies to every one of us at any time of life however do you know who would take care of you and look after you at your time of need. 

Independent Financial Adviser assisting all clients where ever they might be in their financial journey. If you have a large or small sum to invest we are happy to talk through the options with you. Consultations are offered at no cost to the clients. Find out more about how investing works and the available options.


Pension pots all over the place and not knowing how much they will project to provide as an income in retirement is a common factor with many clients. We are able to discuss your options in what you should do with those pots, investing additionally or taking out a new pot completely. 

Wanting to take your financial education to the next level? Check out our sister company for events, podcast and more blogs on all financial matters from property, creating wealth and investing to money mind set – we have it all! If you want to make that next leap do it with us.

Free financial review

Would you like an no obligation check-up? To understand what areas are on track and what others could need some tweaking? Our review process is painless but informative and could take your finances to another level.

Our aim as a business is to empower more women with their finances and this reaches out to women in business, as often our clients have one! To support them on their journey we run women in business working networking events.


Rebecca came out to see me at home and I was very confused, she took the time to go through everything to make sure I understood. I would recommend Rebecca as she was brilliant.


Rebecca was brilliant and answered my questions brilliantly, making it easy to understand. Rebecca was very accommodating as I had my children there and she was great with the children and put me at ease! I would definitely recommend Rebecca.