Returning to work

Returning to Work

Returning to work is a personal issue for us all. Many mums would love to stay home but it’s not financially feasible for us all. Others simply don’t want to stay at home for various reasons.

If you have a successful career and are getting ready to return to work after pregnancy, the first thing to understand, is there is never a perfect time. Just like when you started your family in the first place, there’s never a ‘right’ time to go back.

Putting aside the financial benefits of returning and the impact of being off, returning to work is a big emotional step. I know this from my own all too real experience.

So here’s my advice. You need to take control of this. Every phase of your life can be controlled by you when you create space for yourself. The space comes from developing the skills, mentality and financial independence. I’ll help you to get them and keep them.

Communication about money in relationships can be a real sticking point.

Now is the time to talk about the financial goals you and your partner share. Talking about what’s important in life informs your budget: debts, cash management, emergency funds, insurance protection, retirement savings and more.

Having a double income coming into the family home can make things seem rosy, but it all changes when children and childcare costs come along. It means an added risk if one of you lose your job or becomes ill. What needs to be covered in an emergency and what’s your plan.

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