Wealth Summit 2019

They say money doesn’t grow on trees…this is true, a myth but we aren’t brought into it. There are however many myths which we seem to want to believe in when it comes to money. A bit like winning the lottery, we want that quick win or magic wand to answer all our dreams. For the odd few they get lucky and win a jack pot.

In the ‘wealth’ or ‘financial’ arena there are so many messages, it is easy to be drawn into hoping and wishing that we will get lucky and struck gold!

Let me give you some examples…

£ Create a life by design

£ Have ‘Financial Freedom’ – whatever that is…

£ ‘Passive’ Income but there is nothing passive about it!

£ Only work a few hours a week around the family…

£ Have an amazing property empire with no money down!

£ Start a business with a £1

£ Make your million on Bitcoin

£ Learn to trade on the stock market

I see these headlines, sponsored adverts, events and just want to comment on all them like some troll, to plead with people to do the research, speak to people who have experienced it and had success with it.

If you are either in business as an entrepreneur or working full time wanting to create something more for your amazing life, its easy to be drawn in, wish and hope its your lucky break…

There are businesses who get very good at selling you this dream. My question what is real and what is fake? What are really going to add value to you? What are really going to suit you?

This is an online event starting Friday 3rd May and then every Friday for the following 4 weeks I will be interviewing and presenting four amazing women talking all things wealth. Here are some key subject areas:

  • What is Wealth and how to create assets
  • How money is made on the stock market/investments
  • How to go from 1-1 to passive income in your business.
  • How property can create a life long income
  • How your mindset will be the key area holding you back
  • Passive Income Profits – the truth behind what it takes to make money online


This event is for business owners and those who are wanting to step away from the 9-5, creating a life which allows them more choice and want to hear from people who are experts in their field. These amazing guests are genuine in their approach and come from a place of wanting to make a difference to people lives.


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Speakers joining us

Rebecca Robertson, Author of Evolve Financial Planning – financial planning education for women, Tedx speaker, seven times award winning founder and Director of Evolution Financial Planning and regular media commentator on financial planning. Rebecca has trained over 35 new advisers to the industry, been top of her game in her corporate career achieving top adviser and manager status, with 19 years’ experience she has helped hundreds of clients with their financial needs and is proud to have a 100% satisfaction from clients.

Rebecca is known as the financial planner who is passionate about putting women firmly in control of their finances. She has helped thousands of individuals and families to achieve financial freedom and given them peace of mind that their finances are properly protected in case the worst should happen.

She provides holistic and independent advice to clients, but also gives vital financial planning advice as a regular media commentating in FT Advisor and in New Model Adviser discussing on financial issues particularly in relation to women. Rebecca has also appeared in the Independent’s ‘Women in Finance’. In addition, Rebecca has won many financial and banking awards for her work with women’s finances.

Dr Joanne Martin – Founder, One of Many
Dr Joanna Martin is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst; leading women into a new global paradigm. Her message and work have directly impacted over 70,000 people on 4 different continents.

Her private client list reads like a who’s who list of industry luminaries in the UK, USA and Australia.
She is widely recognized as the secret weapon advisor behind the success of hundreds of change makers and entrepreneurial leaders.

She currently leads over 22,000 professionals at various stages of growth to increase their impact and influence through three organisations, One of many, Presentation Power and the Empress Global Collective.

Karen Skidmore – Karen Skidmore Ltd
A business mentor and marketing coach with 25+ years experience, Karen specialises in designing, creating and growing purposeful, playful and profitable businesses. From working with thousands of coaches, experts and business leaders she knows that too many people are distracted with “shiny shiny” digital ways of making money and following plug-and-play formulas.

Karen’s work is incredibly insightful, uniquely working with your cycles, inner energy and the right infrastructure, systems and team to have in place, which means you can step up and grow your business, without burning out. Her new book “True Profit Business” is published this summer and you can get access to her latest business planning templates and guides over at www.KarenSkidmore.com

Lisa Johnson – Lisa Johnson Coaching
Lisa is a multi-6 figure business coach and owner of successful urban wedding planning company Carmela Weddings. In her coaching role, Lisa specialises in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses using passive income from memberships and courses. 

After a tough childhood spent in social housing Lisa broke away from the traditional pattern to forge successful careers in law, banking and the entertainment industry. Her background has helped mould her into a bold, straight talking coach, who is never afraid to be an authentic and outspoken truth teller. 

She has spoken on the BBC’s Women’s Hour and is a Huffington Post Contributor. She has presented at Planners Extraordinaire in Dubai and been featured in national newspapers and magazines including PsychologiesRed and The Guardian

Lisa lives in Hertfordshire with her Husband and 7 year old twin sons but plans weddings and coaches women around the globe.

Hanane White – The Property Angel
My passion for property began at the age of 19 when I started my career in Estate Agency working for Mann Countrywide.  It was love at first sight and by the age of 22 I was an award- winning branch Manager for one of the largest corporate agents in the country.

Always one for personal development, the next obvious thing is for me to go it alone… and so I did.In 2008 at age 24 I opened my own estate agents offering services in both sales and Lettings.  In 2015 we became an award winning office voted best independent in Kent at the ESTA’s.

As my career on property developed I started to see the appeal of owing property and also the financial benefits of it.  At age 24 I had bought my first buy to let and made a 25% (pre tax) profit within 6 months of ownership, with a monthly cash flow of £400 (pre tax).

I have continued to be passionate about property and have developed my knowledge to include many other strategies within property investing.

My ‘both sides of the desk’ experience had given me the knowledge to succeed in property and in 2018 I decided to move towards full time property investment and most recently development.


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