How We Work


As whole of market/independent advisers who pride themselves in giving quality advice and a professional service we follow a two stage process, the points below cover the frequent questions our clients ask:


  1. What’s involved in the first meeting?

The first meeting will be along the lines of getting to know you and your current financial and personal circumstances as well as your financial aims and objectives over the next few years and longer term. Also, the advisor themselves will explain their background, experience and type of advice that they can and cannot give as well as any costs that may be involved to them and also to the companies involved. This is the best time to establish whether you can work with and trust that person as you will be giving away what you believe is your most private information, your financial situation.


  1. Preparation for the meeting:

Most of the meeting will be taken up by a ‘fact finding’ discussion. This is where the advisor will ask all the relevant questions that they need to know in order for them to be able to come up with the most effective plan for your finances.

In order to complete the fact find, it would be pertinent to bring as much of your financial information as you possibly can, an annual mortgage statement, loan or credit card information and outstanding balances, utility bills, stocks and shares statements, pension statements. You should also have available evidence of who you are and where you live, such as passport and a recent utility bill.

The more information you can give to your advisor, the quicker and easier their job will be to find you the right products for your needs and also to give you a more rounded picture of where you are now and where you could be given the right circumstances, advice and financial savvy. Remember they are not here to judge you, they are trying to help you and put you in a better position for the future.


  1. What should you discuss?

Before you go into the meeting, have an idea of where you would like to be financially. It could be that you really want to secure your children’s futures and make sure you have a good retirement, or you may want to move and travel. What do you wish for?


  1. What happens next?

Your advisor will take all your information and possibly some paperwork from you if necessary and they will search the market for the most suitable financial products for you and your family in order to set you on the right track to fulfil all your goals and ambitions. They will prepare a report from this explaining all their recommendations. If you agree to their recommendations, they will then put the wheels in motion in order to set your financial plans up on your behalf. They are in a good position to negotiate on your behalf with a financial provider in order to get the right deal for you.


  1. How often should I see my Financial Advisor?

You may wish to meet with them on a regular basis in order to review your financial situation to make sure that you have the right products for your needs over time. We contact our clients once a year offering a review of their position.


  1. How much do you charge?

Our advisers do not charge for a phone consultation or an initially face to face consultation. All relevant fees are discussed clearly and are up front with our clients. Investment advice from our IFA is independent and is agreed with the client on a 121 basis. Mortgage fees are payable only on application and you have been made aware of the products available. Wills, LPA’s or Estate planning are agreed with the client on a 121 basis and up front also.