A pension adviser can support you on your journey to being in the best possible financial position come retirement.

What do we offer?

We offer you independent financial advice and can help to reduce the worry of not having any money when you retire. We will provide you with recommendations as well as guiding you towards being in a comfortable financial position later in life. We hope that by doing so as early as you possibly can, it will allow you to take your grandchildren on days out without having to constantly check your finances and avoid you being solely reliant on the state. No one wants the worry of whether or not you will still be able to afford your TV licence when you are aren’t as active as you used to be.

How can we help you?

Our pension review service is a process of which we undertake to ensure that your current pension pots are correct and fit for purpose. If, after the review has taken place, your pension is no longer of a necessary standard; then we would either look at moving them elsewhere or consolidating.

Having all your pensions under one system could also make it a lot easier to draw the money when you need to. It would mean that no longer have to manage several pension pots at one time as well as stopping the need for multiple annual statements. It may well also save you some money in fees!

What does that mean for you?

After undertaking a pension review you will be in a position to:

• understand the size of your current investments

• what you should be adding to it

• and what it could produce for you in later life

You will also know if it’s in the right place or not and where you should move it to if necessary. If you decide to go ahead with the advice and recommendations given during your pension review you will leave with a clear idea of exactly what your pensions look like and will have provided you with clarity instead of confusion!

During the pension review we will also provide you with some basic financial education and a simple understanding of the importance and different options when it comes to investing.

We are in the best possible position to explain all things pensions to our clients. We can help you through the whole process and take a lot of the stress away both before we make a recommendation and after. Allowing Evolution Financial Planning to deal with all the paperwork on your behalf; gives you the opportunity to just sit back, relax and look to the future!

We are constantly analysing data coming in from a clients pension provider and can review your pensions yearly. Performance will be maintained and monitored over a long term as standard however if there are any performance issues that we feel you need to be made aware of clients are written to as a matter of course under regulation. We too want to ensure you are safe and your money is safe at all times.

With our pension management service you never have to worry again about ensuring your pension is in the right place or its performance. Should your circumstances change since our most recent recommendation; we will be happy to conduct another review to ensure everything is still in the best possible place.

Our ongoing pension management service also includes the preparation of quarterly reports as well as dealing with everything administrative in relation to your pension. Pension management also gives clients the opportunity to contact us at anytime for advice.

How does a pension review work?

Want to know how our pension review service works? Check out this page for more information and our special offer below.

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