Writing a Will is something you know you should do . . . and you keep meaning to do

Let us help write your Will with you.

But something more urgent, perhaps often less important, comes along and the job is pushed to the bottom of your list.

So don’t write a Will, make a phone call instead. . . and let us help write your Will with you

The reality is you NEED a Will.

And the relief of writing one will bring an added comfort to you and your family. No one knows what tomorrow will bring and speaking about death is never a pleasant subject.

But a Will means your wishes can be followed through . . . and it also eases the pressure on your family as they sort out your affairs when you do die.

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  • Your children’s future will be secure. This is so crucial to every parent. If both parents were to die, decisions about who looks after your children would have to be decided by the courts. This may involve family members who are not your choice.
  • The person you trust will carry out your final requests. By choosing executors, your affairs will be handled by those people who you know have your, and your loved ones, best interests at heart.
  • Your savings and possessions will be protected for generations ahead. Without a Will, the law in Britain dictates who receives your assets. This may not be in line with your wishes and may result in the people you care about not receiving the benefits you wish them to have.
  • Your family won’t fall out over your estate. By making decisions now, everyone knows where they stand.
  • Inheritance Tax. Carefully planning could help to reduce the tax liability on your estate.
  • Your funeral. A Will makes it clear what arrangements you wish to put in place for your funeral . . . for instance, whether it should be a burial or cremation and even what music should be played.


  • Submit your enquiry. One of our trained advisers will call you to arrange a convenient time to answer all your questions.
  • Our accredited EVOLUTION FOR WOMEN Will writer will meet you and record exactly what you want in your Will, explaining clearly the options.
  • Our Will writer will discuss all areas with you to enable you to make informed decisions.
  • We will then invoice you for the works completed, applying any discounts.
  • Once the document is drawn up and agreed, we will send it to you for signing and then keep the Will safe for you to your instruction.

Prices start from £98 for a Standard Single Will (for one individual) and £168 for a Standard Mirror Will (for a couple).

Why wait? Use the link to book in a free call back today at a time that suits you and let us help you write your Will

Rebecca Robertson IFA
“I am a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser, Mortgage Broker and Will Writer with 17 years’ experience in financial services. Writing a Will is straight forward, it is client’s personal circumstances that often make details complex. I encourage my clients to make some sort of decision rather than leaving it open for someone else to make those decisions on their behalf.”

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“I had a baby on the way and I wanted to write a will. I felt totally confident in Rebecca’s ability and advice. She saved us money on our mortgage and got us a product suitable for not just now but a few years down the line and where we plan to be.”